Showcasing Soho Lighting at Langdon Court

Showcasing Soho Lighting at Langdon Court

by Nick Gelardi on Feb 28, 2023


Born in London, handcrafted in Cornwall, this beautiful artisan lighting company grew from a passion for interiors, British craftsmanship and the belief that lighting has the power to make or break a well-designed interior. Renovating period properties in Soho and around London and facing frustration with not being able to source the specific lighting she was looking for, Founder Lee Lovett and her team set about creating their own innovative collection of switches, sockets and lighting. So The Soho Lighting Company was born. And where better to centre the creativity of this brand than the melting pot of talent in the Southwest?

“There is a wealth of artisan talent in Cornwall and a passion for sustainable creativity,” co-founder Lee shares. “Together with our London design roots, we strive to bring the very best of British talent and craftsmanship to our customers.”

Today, this proudly British, environmentally-conscious brand engineer and handcraft exquisite lighting designs through a fusion of traditional and modern methods. They seek out new sources of eco-friendly materials and inject exciting new technology into time old skills and heritage materials to provide the perfect balance.

Soho Lighting’s exquisite lighting makes an impression at Langdon Court. From the bold Art Deco Pendants in the kitchen to the refined Claridge Polished Brass Adjustable Reading Wall Lights, everything is hand finished and perfectly crafted. Look out for the iconic large Langdon Lantern which has been created to fill the halls of Langdon Court and add a look of understated grandeur.

Langdon Court owner Donna says: “I called in my friend Lee Lovett who owns Soho Lighting to create dramatic moments at Landon Court. We have beautiful Art Deco Pendant Lights in the kitchen and the sweetest Scallop Shell Surf White Pendant Light in the chef’s nook. We also added the Langdon Lantern to the china room and much bigger versions will hang in the hallways. I can’t wait to see them adding warmth and light to Langdon Court.”

Interior Designer Geraldine Apponyi of Apponyi Design says: “It has been a dream to work on such a rewarding project with wonderful brands like Soho Lighting. Lights can make or break a room and we picked the perfect pieces to enhance the period features. We chose to use Soho Lighting for several of the prominent lights at Langdon as they are simple, incredibly well made, and timeless. In addition their customer service and care is second to none! Nothing is too much trouble for their team.

The Langdon Lantern was one of the first ones we decided to use when it was still a prototype- it is the perfect, simple, classic yet timeless Lantern, available in several sizes to suit any space, and we have so far used it in the kitchen hallways and in the china store. We chose the black- simple, elegant and not too overpowering. And they decided to call it the Langdon Lantern, which was a thrill!

For the Ladies and Gents WC, we have used the Hollen Globe with unlacquered brass. The most perfect Holophane Globe, inspired by the 50’s Paris streetlights, every detail is perfect and the weight and solidity of all the parts just makes this light. The brass is solid and we chose the live, which will patina with time and just get better and better, the link chain is so considered and beautiful, and the prismatic glass is weighty and perfect.

For the kitchen, we chose three of the Opal Glasshouse pendants, with chain and cap in live brass. This light is >modelled on a 1900’s vintage moulding, with heavy, thick glass, antiqued in appearance. The opal glass slightly mutes the light and creates a warm and cosy glow in the kitchen. These three beauties in a row over the kitchen island are so striking, and the Art Deco design adds an unexpected twist, while still working harmoniously with the period and style of the house. There was a comment on site that they look like giant jelly-moulds, which seems perfect for a kitchen and now makes me smile whenever I look at them.

In the chef’s nook- Soho Lighting custom 3D printed one of their amazing Scallop Shell Pendant lights in Surf white. These lights have the most amazing glow when on, and look like linen although they are 3D printed from plastic cleared out of the ocean! They provide the most incredible light. They give a nod to the ocean Langdon is so close to, and helping to clean it up as well. Win win!”

Lee Lovett, Founding Director of Soho Lighting said: “It has been an honour to travel alongside Donna Ida, Robert Walton, and Gerry Apponyi in their sensational renovation of Langdon court. Like a phoenix from the flames, the re-awakening of this magical manor house has been an unforgettable experience. With Donna’s passion and exacting eye for aesthetics, Bobby’s sophisticated style and desire to create a commercially functioning kitchen encased in period grandeur, all brought to life with Gerry’s creative brilliance and intuitive approach to interior design, it has been an incredible journey and such a thrill to be part of, not to mention enormous fun! From first glance we simply fell in love with the building and the vision they held for it. “


China room –  Langdon Lantern Pendant Small Matt Black  x1 – The Soho Lighting Company

Hallway –  Langdon Lantern Pendant Large Matt Black  x 5 – The Soho Lighting Company

Lee says: “Our inspiration was such that we designed and created a lantern specifically for Langdon Court to reflect the refinement and elegance of this house. The so named Langdon Lantern is an exquisitely simple pendant with fine brass frets and a solid brass top, designed to appreciate the traditional whilst injecting a contemporary edge. This reflects the re-creation and essence of Langdon Court today, a refined period manor house restored in keeping with its age, but with a contemporary feel to its sumptuous interior. The Langdon Lantern proudly lines the hallways of Langdon Court in a rich, blackened brass finish.”

The Manor kitchen –  Glasshouse Brass Opal Pendant Light Art Deco Pendant Light  – The Soho Lighting Company

Lee says: “They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home and Bobby’s incredible manor kitchen, designed by Williams&Sons, has our hearts all of a flutter. Three iconic Glasshouse pendants in opaline glass inspired by the 1920s Art Deco era adorn the centre island. These milk-white scalloped pendants are sumptuously finished in solid brass and hung with an intricately designed brass chain. Stunning against the sultry dark blue of the cabinetry, the effect of this line-up is breath-taking.”

Toilets –  Hollen Globe Classic Polished Brass Glass Large Pendant Light  x 2 – The Soho Lighting Company

Lee says: “Created from beautifully thick and heavy prismatic glass, this sensational globe is topped and tailed in solid brass. Originally designed to light the thoroughfares of Paris, this show stopping pendant is often used to light ballrooms and areas of fine dining and celebration. At Langdon Court, you will find them in the ladies and gents. Now that is a water closet with style!”

Tea and Toast room –  Claridge Polished Brass Wall Light  x 5 – The Soho Lighting Company

Lee says: “Who doesn’t long for a tea and toast room adjoining their private sleeping residence? Simple and refined, as if an extension to the dressing room, this tucked away space secretly houses all one could need for the perfect breakfast or light supper. Beautifully lit by our solid brass Claridge wall lights, their sweeping swan necks cast light down onto the side counters, perfect for making that all important cup of tea whilst maintaining a warm and inviting ambience in the room.”

Chef’s nook –
The Ocean Collection Scallop Shell in Surf White Pendant Light  – The Soho Lighting Company

Lee says: “Throughout the renovation of Langdon Court, the environment has been a fundamental consideration in each design choice. A passion we both share, and exemplified in the delicate ‘Little Scallop’ pendant hanging in the chef’s nook. With the appearance of fine linen or ceramic when lit, this humble little pendant packs a punch in terms of sustainability. From our Ocean collection, launched in Selfridges as part of their ‘Let’s Change’ campaign, these beautiful shades are 3D printed from recycled plastics and discarded fishing nets salvaged from the sea. The pretty ‘Little Scallop’ at Langdon court elegantly lights the intimate chef’s nook for cosy kitchen suppers whilst, at the same time, helping to rid our seas of plastics.”

Manor Kitchen –  White Tiltable 3K Fire Rated LED 6W IP44 Dimmable Downlight  x 30 – The Soho Lighting Company

Cooker hood –  Brushed Brass Tiltable Adjustable 2.8k Fire Rated LED 6W IP44 Dimmable Downlight  x 5 – The Soho Lighting Company

Cooker hood  –  Antique Brass Fire Rated Tiltable LED Downlights Dimmable  x 5 – The Soho Lighting Company

Lee says: “Have you ever wished your kitchen benefited from more daylight? The manor kitchen at Langdon Court will have no such requirement with our high CRI tiltable downlights bathing the counters in replicated day light. Colour Render Index is the degree to which artificial light replicates that of natural day light, with a level of 100 representing pure daylight. The average British down light achieves a low CRI level of 82, however, the manor kitchen at Langdon Court benefits from our rare and high performing, 95-97 CRI levels. The directional function of these clever little spotlights, enables light to be focused down over the critical work surfaces, allowing the pendants and wall lights to provide more ambient lighting.”